JustUs: ‘Unhireable’

A story of systemic oppression and one man’s insistence on transforming the brutality he was given as a DOC number into his own armor and influence.

”JustUs” monologist Juaquin Mobley at the CPR studios in Denver on Jan. 13, 2019 — Stephanie Wolf/CPR News

According to the Brooking’s Institute a black man without a criminal record is less likely to get called back for a job than a white man who checked the felony box.

Juaquin Mobley is a Motus Theater JustUs monologist. He is the Vice President of Community Works and co-owner of Community Ties and The Community Barber Shop based out of Colorado Springs. Juaquin helps those individuals who were recently incarcerated and/or at risk at becoming incarcerated to realize their true potential and manifest their limitless potential. Juaquin was once incarcerated for the better half of a decade and knows all too well how a “helping hand,” as opposed to a “hand out,” can motivate one to success. A proud father of three beautiful girls, he refuses to let the next generation follow into the same footsteps and traps as both him and his friends.



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