One man’s story of navigating life when surviving and thriving are at war with each other. A reflection on racism, poverty, and carceral systems which ignore humanity.

Brandon Wainright preparing to deliver his monologue at the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice Conference, 2019. ©Rick Villarreal

A man’s story of fighting to defend himself in prison, and a call for accountability from those who sent him to a place of physical and psychological violence.

Dereck Bell delivering his monologue at Motus Theater MLK Jr. Day Performance, 2021. ©Michael Ensminger

The story of a young man trapped in what he experiences as the U.S. colosseum of racist justice and economic games of exploitation.

Astro Allison delivering his monologue at Motus Theater’s MLK Jr. Day performance, 2020 ©Michael Ensminger

The criminal legal system claimed a young woman negotiating homelessness stole $62 on her birthday. But what did the criminal legal system steal from her mistake?

Cierra Brock performing this story at National Association of Community & Restorative Justice conference, 2019 ©Rick Villarreal

One man’s story of overcoming addiction through love and grace, in contrast to the systemic violence he, and other inmates, experienced in prison; a call to reimagine a criminal justice system that truly offered rehabilitation.

Daniel Guillory performing his story at Motus Theater’s MLK Jr. Day performance, 2020 ©Michael Ensminger

A story honoring the undocumented domestic workers, and women cleaning businesses, hospitals and government buildings to protect us against COVID-19.

One man’s reflection on how fairness, freedom and not going to jail is experienced as a luxury for Black Americans and surviving an interaction with the police, a privilege.

Brian Lynch (CB Toolit) on the set at ICU Visuals. Photo permission of ICU Visuals

A story of systemic oppression and one man’s insistence on transforming the brutality he was given as a DOC number into his own armor and influence.

”JustUs” monologist Juaquin Mobley at the CPR studios in Denver on Jan. 13, 2019 — Stephanie Wolf/CPR News

A story of one young woman’s battle against invisible borders in her journey toward who she is and loves.

Kiara Chavez in the arms of her maternal grandmother in Mexico.

A story of risks and CPB checkpoints on the journey to freedom.

Irving and his grandmother on a bus in El Paso

Motus Theater

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